I want to showcase some of the Mobile App Development projects the Advanced Technologies Academy junior class did this semester. We had a great time learning about the basics of iOS app development using Swift and Xcode.

User Interface Builder Basics Project

In this project, the students were learning how to build a mobile app user interface (UI) in Xcode. Haley Melton could not just stop at learning to create the calculator buttons. She had to make the buttons work. With the assistance of tutorials and ChatGPT, she programed each button to make it function correctly. Way To Go!!!

The Bird Game Remodel Project

In this project, students had the opportunity to explore a complete build of a mobile app game in Xcode. The code provided was a very popular game from a few years ago. The students experimented with the game to create their own version and to hopefully make the game easier to play.

Mobile App Build – Student Choice

In this project, students had the opportunity to choose which tutorial and resources they would use to create a mobile app. This was a chance for the students to show what they could really do. They chose a variety of different apps to develop, mostly games. We explored the possibilities of using ChatGPT to assist with developing apps.

The About Me App Project

In this project, the students learned the fundamentals of SwiftUI by creating an app where users navigate different views and see various data in those views.

This is what the code looks like for the About Me app