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Welcome to Mr. Myers’ Classroom

Hi, I’m Mr. Myers and welcome to my classroom website. The goal of this website is to provide news and student projects from the Advanced Technologies Academy. The Advanced Technologies Academy is one of three academies at the Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy in Caldwell County, NC. The students in the Advanced Technologies Academy are working towards earning a high school diploma from Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy, a Digital Media Certificate, a Mobile Applications Development Certificate, and an Associate Degree in Digital Media and Mobile Applications Development from Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute. The classes I’m currently teaching are listed below.

Digital Media Certificate

DME-110 Introduction to Digital Media

This course introduces students to key concepts, technologies, and issues related to digital media. Topics include emerging standards, key technologies and related design issues, terminology, media formats, career paths, and ethical issues. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate the various media formats that are used in digital media technology.

DME-115 Graphic Design Tools

This course provides students with an introduction to creative expression and art/design techniques in a digital environment. Emphasis is placed on designing, creating, editing and integrating visual components consisting of bit-mapped and vector-based images, drawings, banners, text, simple animations, and multiple layers. Upon completion, students should be able to design and produce a range of visual products using digital processing tech- niques.

DME-120 Introduction to Multimedia Applications

This course introduces storyboarding and multimedia application design. Topics include vector and bit-mapped graphics, interactive multimedia interfaces, layering techniques, image and animation libraries, and scripting. Upon completion, students should be able to produce basic high-quality interactive multimedia applications.

DME-130 Digital Animation I

This course introduces concepts for planning and developing animation sequences. Emphasis will be placed on review of digital animation concepts and exploration of various animation software packages. Upon completion, students should be able to produce simple animations.

Mobile Applications Development Certificate

CTI-150 Mobile Computing Devices

This course introduces mobile computing devices, including topics related to their selection, usage, deployment, and support in enterprise environments. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation, usage, deployment, security, and support of mobile devices, applications (apps), and peripherals. Upon completion, students should be able to select, deploy, and support mobile devices in an enterprise environment.

WEB-125 Mobile Web Design

This course introduces students to web design for mobile devices. Topics include planning an effective mobile Web site, industry standard Mobile Markup Language, CSS3, multimedia, m-commerce, social media, testing and publishing. Upon completion, students should be able to plan, develop, test, and publish Web content designed for mobile devices.

WEB-141 Mobile Interface Design

This course covers current design standards and emerging approaches related to the design and development of user interfaces for mobile devices. Emphasis is placed on re- search and evaluation of standard and emerging practices for effective interface and user experience design. Upon completion, students should be able to design effective and usable interfaces for mobile devices.

WEB-151 Mobile Application Development I

This course introduces students to programming technol- ogies, design and development related to mobile applica- tions. Topics include accessing device capabilities, indus- try standards, operating systems, and programming for mobile applications using an OS Software Development Kit (SDK). Upon completion, students should be able to create basic applications for mobile devices.

WEB-251 Mobile Application Development II

This course covers advanced applications and custom programming to develop applications for mobile devices. Topics include device capabilities, OS specific Software Development Kits (SDK), scripting for functionality and designing interactivity. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate effective programming techniques to develop advanced mobile applications.

An Amazing New Opportunity

There is a new program that will be piloted for Advanced Technologies Academy students enrolled in the CTS-115 Information Systems and Business Concepts this year. What does this mean for students?  Students will be taking a class that gives them college credit in addition to taking a nationally recognized certificate program created by Google. The GoogleContinue reading “An Amazing New Opportunity”