February is “We Love Our Academy Month” here at Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. The SAVE Club sponsored a door decorating contest between the three academies for this occasion. The Advanced Technologies Academy freshmen class are currently learning graphic design with Adobe Photoshop. This was a perfect opportunity for them to practice their skills and show what they have been learning about graphic design. In the Intro to Digital Media class, we held our own contest for the door decorating project. The students worked in teams of three to design a door decoration that represented our academy and showed why they love their academy. Once the designs were created, they were voted on by the academy students for which design would be printed and placed on our door.

The team of Samuel, Luke, and Quinn won the academy vote for their door design. An outside judge came later to decide which academy would win the contest. Then one day, Mr. Greene came to the class that designed the door and presented the CASA Academy Award. It was so awesome and the students were really excited. The CASA Academy Award is a 3D printed trophy that is used for friendly competitions between the academies throughout the school year. We are excited to be in possession of this prestigious award.

Samuel, Luke and Quinn with the CASA Academy Award

Door Designs