During the 2022 Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy graduation ceremony, five Advanced Technologies Academy students received the first Digital Media & Mobile Application Development Associate Degrees. These students overcame several challenges along the way, for example transitioning to the new program and the COVID-19 pandemic. This is really an exciting time for these students and the academy. We hope to increase the number of students receiving this degree from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute in 2023.

The Digital Media & Mobile Application Development program prepares students for entry-level jobs in the digital design and multimedia industry. Graduates should qualify for employment as web designers, graphic artists/designers, multimedia specialists, web developers, web content specialists, social media specialists, information specialists, digital media specialists, animation specialists, interface designers, and many new jobs yet to be defined in this expanding field. Students “learn by doing” to develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students have the opportunity to earn the following: a Digital Media & Mobile Application Development (Associate in Applied Science Degree), a Digital Media (Certificate), and a Mobile Application Development (Certificate). In Digital Media, students learn graphic design, animation, audio production, video production, and web design. In Mobile Application Development, students learn Apple’s Swift programming language and Xcode software to develop apps for the iPad and the iPhone. Students use current and emerging standards and technologies such as Apple computers, Adobe Creative Suite, professional video and audio equipment, drawing tablets, mobile devices, and much more.

The Advanced Technologies Academy – Where students are encouraged to become producers of
content rather than just consumers of content.