During the Spring Semester of 2022, the Mobile App Development I class was very fortunate to receive 10 Tello EDU mini drones. These drones will be used to introduce students to the mobile app programming language Swift. The students will write Swift programs to provide directions to the drones as they maneuver through an obstacle course. I am really excited to add these new teaching tools to the course. This will allow the students a fun opportunity to see instant results from their written programs.

Melanie and Simon giving the new drone a test drive.

During the Mobile App Development II class, students continued to learn more about Swift and Xcode. The students went from writing simple Swift programs to building an actual mobile app in Xcode. For the final project, students were allowed to explore YouTube for tutorials on how to build a mobile application. The students were able to choose a tutorial that they felt comfortable attempting. The students created a variety of mobile apps that included a War Card Game, Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, Ninja Hop Game, and a custom Space Invaders Game. This project was so exciting because the students were able to choose their own app to work on and there were so many great apps created. The video below shows mobile applications the students created using the tutorials.