This semester some of the Advanced Technologies Academy seniors worked on a project of their choice in the Internet Technologies Project course. This course provides an opportunity to complete a significant digital media and mobile application development project from the design phase through implementation with minimal instructor support. The students chose a subject area in which they wanted to explore more in depth. The projects included a stop-motion animation, an animated music video, an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) website, a video game developed in Unity, and a video game developed in GameMaker Studio.

The students began the project by creating a plan for the semester. They decided on a project idea and broke it down into smaller stages. The students used a calendar to plan out the timing of the project. Each week the students would document their progress in a blog on their portfolio website. They wrote about what they accomplished for the week and included an image of their work. To present their final projects, we created stations in the classroom and invited several teachers to come view their projects. The students enjoyed talking about their projects and showing their work.

Emma’s Animated Music Video

Emma created character drawings and then animated them using Adobe Animate. The characters moved to the song “I’m Poppy”.

Brittana’s Stop Motion Animation

Brittana created clay characters and a clay set for her stop motion animation. She used her phone to take approximately 600 photos as she moved the characters just a little at a time. Then, she used Adobe Premiere Pro to create the animation with music and sound-effects.

Ayden’s Unity Video Game

Ayden created a video game with multiple levels using Unity. He designed the characters, objects, and backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop. He wrote the code using tutorials to create the characters movements throughout the different levels.

Tikavien’s GameMaker Studio Video Game

Tikavien created a video game using GameMaker Studio. He used a tutorial to write the code for the character movements and object interactions.

Austin’s ARG Website

Austin created an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) website by writing the HTLM and CSS using Visual Studio Code. An ARG reminds me of a choose your own adventure story mixed with an escape room or locked box game.