In the first half of the Intro to Multimedia Applications class, students learned about audio production. They began by listening to an older audio file named Virtual Barber Shop. This is an example of holophonic sound. Headphones need to be worn while listening. After listening to the audio, usually a great class discussion happens about how digital audio works and different types of microphones. The students learned how to edit audio for radio commercials using Adobe Audition by working on the famous Billy Bob and Monster Truck projects. Then, the students were placed into groups to create their own electronic music album. The group had to choose the music genre and then each member of the group created their own song for the album using GarageBand. Once everyone produced their song, the group worked together to design the album cover. Since music streaming is how most music is consumed today, the students created a website to host their songs.

In the second half of the class, students learned about video production. The students began with their first project in Adobe Premiere Pro by timing photos to the beat of a Jazz song. Once the students were familiar with the basics of the software, they worked on a new project named Video Poem. In this project, students were asked to write a prose poem about a time when they felt a strong emotion. Then, the students recorded themselves reading the poem with emotion. Next, the students went out and recorded slow-motion video to go along with the audio. Finally, the students edited all this together to create some of the most powerful content ever seen in the classroom. I wish I could post all of these videos, but many of them were really personal experiences that I’ll leave up to the individual students to share. The final project for the class was the Camera Techniques project. The students had fun going out and capturing an example of each one of the camera framing techniques and camera movement techniques.

Halloween Camera Techniques video produced by Melanie and CJ.
Zombies or Something Camera Techniques video produced by Hunter and Chris.