In the Digital Animation I class, students were introduced to a web-based animation tool named Wick Editor. This is a great tool students can use to produce animations on any computer at school or at home. This was a nice and easy way to introduce the basics of animation to the students. Then, we quickly moved over to a more advanced software named Adobe Animate. Animate is used to design vector graphics and animation for television series, online animation, websites, web applications, rich web applications, game development, commercials, and other interactive projects. The students completed a few exercises to become familiar with how the software works. Then, they moved on to projects that allowed more creative freedom. Below are a few examples of the projects produced by the students.

Flying Text by Melanie.
Animated Personal Logo by Ruby.
Animated Personal Logo by Aden.
Animated Personal Logo by Ashley.
Animated Personal Logo by Melanie.

Probably the most labor intensive project in this class was the stop motion animation. The students began planning the animation by writing a summary and creating a storyboard of the animation. Then, the students began production of the stop motion animation by taking photos of everyday objects. Finally, the students would import all the photos into a video editor to bring those everyday objects to live with movement and sounds.

Crustacean Crusader Stop Motion Animation by Melanie.
War Stop Motion Animation by Anakin.

The final project for the class was the famous Snowboarder animation project. This is where students were given a silhouette of a snowboarder and they had to create the environment in which the snowboarder was snowboarding down a mountain. The students were very creative and had lots of fun with this project, although very few snowboarders survived the trip down the mountain.