On Saturday, May 15, 2021 Rocky in Space 4: End of Time premiered at the Carolina Theater in Hickory, NC. Rocky in Space 4 is a feature length movie (1hr. 15mins) created by students in the Advanced Technologies Academy at Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. Rocky in Space 4 stars Garrett Lawrence as Flint, Megan Conley as Jade, Maximillian McMahan as Steel, Benjamin Cederberg as General Yu, Brody Miller as Gale, Daniel Mitchell as Typhoon, and Joshua Lewis as Thunder. The movie was created, directed, and edited by Garrett Lawrence. The music was composed by Benjamin Cederberg.

The Rocky in Space series began in their freshmen year during a digital media project. The students decided to produce a sequel each year together and each year the film got better and better. Countless hours of work went into these projects and much was learned during this work. All the special effects, 3D space ships and planets, and music were created by the students. This is just amazing work by these students! This is a project I’m sure they will remember for a very long time.