The students have been having so much fun in the DME-130 Digital Animation I class this semester. In this class, students are introduced to concepts for planning and developing animation sequences while they explore various animation techniques and software. Below are a few example of what the students’ have been working on this semester.

The Animated Halloween Card

In this project, students were asked to design their own digital Halloween card for sending to someone for Halloween. But since we are in an animation class, the students had to animated their digital cards as well.

The Halloween Cinemagraph

In this project, students were asked to participate in the Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute’s Virtual Halloween Costume Contest. For the contest, students were asked to send in a photo of themselves wearing their Halloween costume. But again, we are in an animation class so the students’ photos had to have one moving object in their photos. The college sent out a webpage with all the entries where students could vote for the best costume. First place prize was $100, second place prize was $75, and third place prize was $50. Mary, from our class, won third place!! Way to go! There was an alternative Fall Cinemagraph assignment for students to choose from.

The Animated Personal Logo

In a previous class, students designed a personal logo that included their name and a symbol that represents who they are. The students can use the logo on their resumes and portfolio websites. For this project, the students were asked to take their personal logo and animate it. Here are a few examples…

The Stop-Motion Animation Project

The stop-motion animation project is a difficult project to complete well. It takes plenty of planning, patience, and photos. In this project, students were asked to create a 60-second stop-motion animated story. Depending on the frame-rate students choose to work with they could end up having 700-800 photos. If the students created their animation with 12 frames-per-second (FPS), a 60-second animation would have 720 photos. Students worked hard on this project and I would like to showcase a few of them here.

This is the final animation of the “Escape the Ice Capades” project. (Animated by Catlin Austin)
This is the final animation of the “Grandma’s Photo Album” project. (Animated by Gavin Johnson)
This is the final animation of the “Snake Game” project. (Animated by Rylan Sedlacek)
This is the final animation of the “Tetris Stop-Motion” project. (Animated by Cameron Bentley)
This is the final animation of the “Bowser’s Booger” project. (Animated by Grayson Minton)