During the 2020 Fall Semester, the DME-120 Intro to Multimedia Applications class of the Advanced Technologies Academy joined with the Engineering Academy to collaborate on an interesting project. The project was to create a written plan for a circuit analysis video game. The game needed to cover information about circuits, such as electricity, current, resistance, and Ohm’s law. The two classes worked together virtually from separate rooms via Google Meet and Google Hangouts. As the students created their video game plan, they had to answer questions like: Where will the game take place?, What characters will be in the game?, Why will the player want to play the game?, What should the gameplay be like? What is the goal of the game?, How will the player know they are doing well in the game?, and What sounds will the player hear during the game?

A screenshot of the production of the game plan with text and photos of participates.
This is what the planning sessions looked like while the two classes worked together on the project.

In the cover photo, Martin is giving a presentation to the group with the game information he has organized. We now have two great written plans for a circuit analysis video game, a plan from the Group A students and a plan from the Group B students. The Advanced Technologies Academy and the Engineering Academy have future plans to continue working on this project together. One day there will be an actual mobile game app for learning how to analyze circuits.

Cameron participating in the virtual planning discussions.