The DME-120 Intro to Multimedia Applications students just finished the group album project. This is a fun project where the students work in teams to produce their own music album. The first objective for the students was to decide together on the music genre for their new album. Once the team decided on a music genre, then each student produced their own song for the album. The students had the choice of tools to create their own song. They could choose from Adobe Audition, Apple’s GarageBand, or Most students chose to work with because of the ease of accessibility from both school and home. When all the songs were produced for the album, the team worked together to design the album art in Adobe Photoshop. Then, the teams worked together to publish their music album on a webpage they created. The students used Google Sites or to create their webpages. Below are a couple of examples of the webpages the students created to showcase their new music albums.

Wednesday Nights – Album created by Mary McClure

24/7 Lofi – Album created by Emma Moore

Dreams – Album created by Jonah Mclean, Riley Kirby, & Mya Greene

In Other Audio News…

Advanced Technologies Academy Senior, Benjamin Cederberg is producing the sound track for the latest release of the student created short-film Rocky in Space. Below is one of the original songs Benjamin has produced for the short-film.