Ethien working on his interactive animation project.

The Advanced Technologies Academy students are finishing the third week of college classes at the time of this writing. This school year brings many new changes with face coverings, social distancing, and hybrid courses just to name a few. The students have been handling these changes very maturely. The opening of school has gone smoothly thanks to our wonderful students and understanding teachers working together.

Romeo working on his animation project.

The DME-120 Introduction to Multimedia Applications class has been learning the basics of animation. The students have been using an Online tool called Wick Editor to create simple point-and-click interactive animations. The bouncing ball animation was the introduction project for animation. Below are a few student work examples. Currently the students are learning how to edit audio and how audio impacts the interactive media that we use everyday.

by Emma Moore
by Mary McClure

by Gavin Johnson
by Riley Kirby
by Martin Engelbrecht
by Catlin Austin

The CTI-150 Mobile Computing Devices class is the first class in the mobile app development curriculum of the Advanced Technologies Academy. The students have been learning about what a mobile computing device is and the history of mobile computing devices. The students created some very interesting presentations about the early mobile computing devices they found on the Web. Below is a student example of one of these presentations. Currently, the students are learning about the future of mobile computing devices. We have discussed many interesting topics on the matter. My favorite is when we talked about if we would implant the functions of our smartphone into our brain.

The WEB-125 Mobile Web Design class has been learning how to create webpages by writing in HTML5 and CSS3. The focus of this class is on producing websites that can adapt to the user’s screen size. There are a wide variety of screen sizes and screen resolutions out in the world today. It is more important than ever to produce websites that can be viewed easily on all the different screens available. We began the class with a review of the fundamental graphic design principles. We also went back in time to compare web design from a few years ago with today’s web design. We had the help of the Wayback Machine to accomplish this. We had an Image Optimization Challenge to see who could reduce file size the most of a provided photo while maintaining image quality.

A classroom with students giving the thumbs up.
WEB-125 Mobile Web Design (Group A Class)