After 9 months and hundreds of hours of production, Rocky in Space 3: A Glimpse of Hope is finally here! This is the third film in the Rocky in Space trilogy! On Friday, May 15, 2020, Garrett Lawrence, Max McMahan and Megan Conley premiered their short-film live on Google Meet to an extremely excited audience. The event was advertised on the Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy website and social media and the Caldwell County Schools social media. This is a very special project for these Advanced Technologies Academy students. It was completed on their own time outside of class time. The short-film also stars Josh Lewis and Callie Stinson. During the online premiere, the students introduced the short-film by explaining their individual roles and reviewing the first two short-films. After the viewing of Rocky in Space 3, the online chat exploded with positive feedback. While the students took questions from the online participates, Garrett, Max, Megan, and Josh sounded just like professionals on an action movie panel.