Benjamin Cederberg, a junior in the Advanced Technologies Academy, has designed a new informational flyer for the academy. In the class, DME-115 Graphic Design Tools, Benjamin used Adobe InDesign to create the advertisement. I wanted something that we could hand out during parent nights and 8th grade tours. The flyer begins with a short description of the academy. I also thought it was important to include a list of classes that are included in the academy. Students can find a description of each course on the website. This will give students a better idea of the classes they will be taking. It was really difficult to decide which examples of student projects to include on the flyer. There are so many to choose from. We decided on the fun Adobe Illustrator Snail project, the class poster project, the photo of the 2018 prom DJs, the photo from the production of the school promotional video, and the photo of Mr. Bones a prop that shows up from time to time. The flyer also includes a few possible careers students could pursue with their skills and knowledge gained while in the academy. We end the flyer with a list of credentials student will earn during their four years in the academy. Below is a link to download a PDF file of the informational flyer.