In honor of Veterans Day, the sophomore Digital Media students, along with several students from the junior class, created holiday postcards for our service members. The students used graphic design techniques they have been learning in class to create their own unique design. The students used Adobe Photoshop (painting software) or Adobe Illustrator (drawing software) to create their design. Some students chose to use a Wacom drawing tablet to draw their postcard electronically with a pen instead of a mouse. A personal message was included on the postcard to tell the service members they are in our thoughts and they are appreciated. The students wrote messages about what they enjoy during the holidays and what their favorite holiday tradition is, and if they know someone in the military. Once the postcards were designed and printed, they were mailed to the Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh, NC for their holiday card drive for our service members.

The sophomore class with their holiday postcards.