This week the students in the Digital Media course submitted their entries for the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA) video competition. The competition asks for a 45-60 second video answering the question, “What’s Super About Public Schools?” High schools from all over North Carolina will be entering the competition. The videos will be judged based on Content Clarity, Memorable/Interesting, Creativity, and Production. The top three videos and 10 Honorable Mention videos will be shown during general sessions of the 2019 NCSBA Annual Conference that will be held in Greensboro, November 18-20.

The class began the project with a brainstorming session to decide what their message would be. The class had to decide how they would answer the question, What’s Super About Public Schools. Then, the students had to decide what type or style video would they use to deliver their message. The class worked together to assign production roles, like director, writer, camera operator, and editor.

The sophomore and junior classes each created a video to enter into the competition. They each chose a different style video and message. I have posted the videos here to share. We hope you enjoy!

Carolina Jones – The Quest For What’s Super About Public Schools
Created by the Advanced Technologies Academy (Juniors)
What’s Super About Public Schools?
Created by the Advanced Technologies Academy (Sophomores)