That’s right! There is going to be a Rocky in Space 3 movie. The project is currently in the planning and production stages. Rocky in Space began two years ago as one of Max and Garrett’s digital media projects. What was a simple project about camera techniques turned into a complex, cinematic experience with a storyline and special effects. Last year, with the help of their classmates, Max and Garrett continued the project with Rocky in Space 2 – The Return of Maximus. This movie was leaps and bounds ahead of the first movie as the students continue to learn different camera and editing techniques. The movie received rave reviews around school and the students are in great anticipation for the next installment of Rocky in Space.

So far this semester Max and Garrett and their growing movie production team have designed a movie poster, written a 9-page movie script, and have began filming the first scene. These photos show the team in action as they write the script and utilize the green screen while filming.

You will definitely want to stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Rocky in Space 3 Movie Poster
Rocky in Space 3 – A Glimpse of Hope (Movie Poster)
Max collaborating with the team while writing the movie script.
Max collaborating with the team while writing the movie script.
Rocky in Space 1
Rock in Space 2 – The Return of Maximus