Hi Everyone,

We held our first Esports Club meeting of the year on Monday, August 26. We had 25 students in attendance. During the meeting, we began creating a plan for what games we will focus on this year. The games we will be focusing on will be games that are used in competitive gaming environments (Esports). We also began planning the tournament we will hold this semester. We finished up the meeting with a friendly game of Smash Bros. I think we all had an awesome time.

Our next meeting is on Monday, September 9. Please remember to bring a flash drive to the meeting. We will be loading a few games on the flash drives to play during the meetings. Our plan for the next meeting is to load the flash drives with games, create an individual Hearthstone account, discuss our rules for the club Discord, and continue planning our Esports tournament. And yeah, play some more Smash Bros.

Email me or Mr. Pitts if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!