The students’ first day of school was Thursday, August 8. The first two days of school went great. The students met in Homeroom first to receive their schedules and beginning of the school year paperwork. On Friday, the students had grade level meeting with Mr. Puhl, Mrs. Griffith, and Mr. Pait. The students learned about the expectations for the new school year and other important information for each grade level. We spent some time catching up with each other and sharing what we have been up to during the last two months. It was awesome talking with the students and learning about the adventures and activities they participated in during the summer. I asked the students to work together to create a group photograph representing the first day of school. The top photo was taken by Nathaniel Whitt. This photo shows students chatting before classes and catching up with each other. The bottom photo was taken by Garrett Lawrence. This photo shows students storming the CASA on the first day of school. Garrett spent some time this summer creating his own version of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer. He shared the following video with us and we were blown away by his work. Please watch his video and be sure to Like and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

This video was a summer project by Garrett, a Junior in the Advanced Technologies Academy.