Mobile App Prototypes

In the DME-120 Introduction to Multimedia Applications class, students created mobile app prototypes using Adobe XD. This is a vector-based software for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile apps. Students can create static designs and turn them into interactive prototypes that simulates the flow of an app. The students focused on theContinue reading “Mobile App Prototypes”

The Photo Letters Project

The DME-110 Introduction to Digital Media students completed the Photo Letters Project this week. This is one of my favorite projects because I get to learn a little bit more about my students. The students begin the project by searching the Web to find photos that represent who they are. Then, they use Adobe PhotoshopContinue reading “The Photo Letters Project”

I Am… Poems on the Radio

The Advanced Technology Academy just finished a collaborative project with Mrs. Robinson’s American History classes. Each American History student wrote a poem about a famous person in American history. Once the students’ poems were finalized with Mrs. Robinson, the students came to the Advanced Technologies Academy to record their reading of the poems. Bradley andContinue reading “I Am… Poems on the Radio”

New Promotional Videos

Students in the Graphic Design Tools class submitted their final cuts for the new CASA promotional videos today. The students worked in groups to create the videos. One group produced a video tailored towards parents and one group produced a video tailored towards students interested in the Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. The groups delivered theirContinue reading “New Promotional Videos”

New Academy Advertisement

Benjamin Cederberg, a junior in the Advanced Technologies Academy, has designed a new informational flyer for the academy. In the class, DME-115 Graphic Design Tools, Benjamin used Adobe InDesign to create the advertisement. I wanted something that we could hand out during parent nights and 8th grade tours. The flyer begins with a short descriptionContinue reading “New Academy Advertisement”

Holiday Postcards For Our Service Members

In honor of Veterans Day, the sophomore Digital Media students, along with several students from the junior class, created holiday postcards for our service members. The students used graphic design techniques they have been learning in class to create their own unique design. The students used Adobe Photoshop (painting software) or Adobe Illustrator (drawing software)Continue reading “Holiday Postcards For Our Service Members”

The Illustrator Snails Are Back!

Students, in the DME-115 Graphic Design Tools class, have recently completed the Adobe Illustrator Snail project. I have kept this project around for a few years now because it has become one of my favorites. The students learn how to use the different tools in Adobe Illustrator as they follow a tutorial to draw theContinue reading “The Illustrator Snails Are Back!”

What’s Super About Public Schools?

This week the students in the Digital Media course submitted their entries for the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA) video competition. The competition asks for a 45-60 second video answering the question, “What’s Super About Public Schools?” High schools from all over North Carolina will be entering the competition. The videos will be judgedContinue reading “What’s Super About Public Schools?”