Holiday Postcards For Our Service Members

In honor of Veterans Day, the sophomore Digital Media students, along with several students from the junior class, created holiday postcards for our service members. The students used graphic design techniques they have been learning in class to create their own unique design. The students used Adobe Photoshop (painting software) or Adobe Illustrator (drawing software) to create their design. Some students chose to use a Wacom drawing tablet to draw their postcard electronically with a pen instead of a mouse. A personal message was included on the postcard to tell the service members they are in our thoughts and they are appreciated. The students wrote messages about what they enjoy during the holidays and what their favorite holiday tradition is, and if they know someone in the military. Once the postcards were designed and printed, they were mailed to the Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh, NC for their holiday card drive for our service members.

The sophomore class with their holiday postcards.

The Illustrator Snails Are Back!

Students, in the DME-115 Graphic Design Tools class, have recently completed the Adobe Illustrator Snail project. I have kept this project around for a few years now because it has become one of my favorites. The students learn how to use the different tools in Adobe Illustrator as they follow a tutorial to draw the snail. Then, they add their own personality to the snail and this is where it becomes interesting. I have printed the snails and hung them on the wall in the classroom. I think they make a great addition to the student work showcased around the classroom.

What’s Super About Public Schools?

This week the students in the Digital Media course submitted their entries for the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA) video competition. The competition asks for a 45-60 second video answering the question, “What’s Super About Public Schools?” High schools from all over North Carolina will be entering the competition. The videos will be judged based on Content Clarity, Memorable/Interesting, Creativity, and Production. The top three videos and 10 Honorable Mention videos will be shown during general sessions of the 2019 NCSBA Annual Conference that will be held in Greensboro, November 18-20.

The class began the project with a brainstorming session to decide what their message would be. The class had to decide how they would answer the question, What’s Super About Public Schools. Then, the students had to decide what type or style video would they use to deliver their message. The class worked together to assign production roles, like director, writer, camera operator, and editor.

The sophomore and junior classes each created a video to enter into the competition. They each chose a different style video and message. I have posted the videos here to share. We hope you enjoy!

Carolina Jones – The Quest For What’s Super About Public Schools
Created by the Advanced Technologies Academy (Juniors)
What’s Super About Public Schools?
Created by the Advanced Technologies Academy (Sophomores)

Gaming Lab Open House

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute has opened a new gaming lab on campus. The lab is open to all CCC&TI students during school hours. The lab is equipped with large TVs, gaming chairs, a PlayStation console, a Xbox console, a couple of gaming PCs, a Vive virtual reality system, and an area to just relax.

The college is hosting a Gaming Lab Open House on Wednesday, September 25 from 10am to 6pm. The gaming lab is located in room F-215. There will be gaming, snacks, and prizes during the open house.

If you have not experienced virtual reality yet, you have to stop by the lab and try the Vive VR system. It is just awesome!

Rocky in Space 3

That’s right! There is going to be a Rocky in Space 3 movie. The project is currently in the planning and production stages. Rocky in Space began two years ago as one of Max and Garrett’s digital media projects. What was a simple project about camera techniques turned into a complex, cinematic experience with a storyline and special effects. Last year, with the help of their classmates, Max and Garrett continued the project with Rocky in Space 2 – The Return of Maximus. This movie was leaps and bounds ahead of the first movie as the students continue to learn different camera and editing techniques. The movie received rave reviews around school and the students are in great anticipation for the next installment of Rocky in Space.

So far this semester Max and Garrett and their growing movie production team have designed a movie poster, written a 9-page movie script, and have began filming the first scene. These photos show the team in action as they write the script and utilize the green screen while filming.

You will definitely want to stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Rocky in Space 3 Movie Poster
Rocky in Space 3 – A Glimpse of Hope (Movie Poster)
Max collaborating with the team while writing the movie script.
Max collaborating with the team while writing the movie script.
Rocky in Space 1
Rock in Space 2 – The Return of Maximus

Esports Club News

Hi Everyone,

We held our first Esports Club meeting of the year on Monday, August 26. We had 25 students in attendance. During the meeting, we began creating a plan for what games we will focus on this year. The games we will be focusing on will be games that are used in competitive gaming environments (Esports). We also began planning the tournament we will hold this semester. We finished up the meeting with a friendly game of Smash Bros. I think we all had an awesome time.

Our next meeting is on Monday, September 9. Please remember to bring a flash drive to the meeting. We will be loading a few games on the flash drives to play during the meetings. Our plan for the next meeting is to load the flash drives with games, create an individual Hearthstone account, discuss our rules for the club Discord, and continue planning our Esports tournament. And yeah, play some more Smash Bros.

Email me or Mr. Pitts if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

First Annual Club Fair

Student driven clubs are becoming very popular at Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. In the photo above, students Simon, Joel and Isaac are shown at the Esports Club table during the Club Fair. Simon was signing up for the club email list to find out more information about the club. Joel and Isaac were helping tell other students what the Esports Club is all about.

The First Annual Club Fair was held on Wednesday, August 14. Alan, Jacob T, and Colby worked very hard to put together the school’s first Club Fair. This event was created by students for students. Alan, Jacob T, and Colby wanted to offer an event for students to learn more about the different clubs provided at Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy.

This year there are a variety of student clubs the CASA. These clubs include: SkillsUSA, Beta Club, Glee Club, Art Club, Game Club, Esports Club, Prom Committee, Yearbook Club, and Fandom Club.

The School Year Begins

The students’ first day of school was Thursday, August 8. The first two days of school went great. The students met in Homeroom first to receive their schedules and beginning of the school year paperwork. On Friday, the students had grade level meeting with Mr. Puhl, Mrs. Griffith, and Mr. Pait. The students learned about the expectations for the new school year and other important information for each grade level. We spent some time catching up with each other and sharing what we have been up to during the last two months. It was awesome talking with the students and learning about the adventures and activities they participated in during the summer. I asked the students to work together to create a group photograph representing the first day of school. The top photo was taken by Nathaniel Whitt. This photo shows students chatting before classes and catching up with each other. The bottom photo was taken by Garrett Lawrence. This photo shows students storming the CASA on the first day of school. Garrett spent some time this summer creating his own version of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer. He shared the following video with us and we were blown away by his work. Please watch his video and be sure to Like and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

This video was a summer project by Garrett, a Junior in the Advanced Technologies Academy.

Freshman Orientation

On July 11, 2019, twenty Advanced Technologies Academy freshman spent some time on campus to get oriented with the school. The orientation is led by selected upperclassmen of Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. The students toured the campus, met a few teachers, and participated in some team building activities. The students also learned about the policies and procedures they will be following while at school. The orientation was successful and hopefully it helped ease the nerves of the new students.

Students on a walking tour of the school campus.

Digital Media Summer Camp

A male student smiling with his artwork on computer.

Many Caldwell County middle school students participated in the four day Career & Technical Education (CTE) Summer Camp from June 24 to June 27. The students rotated to different subject areas each day. In the Digital Media camp, students worked together to draw a monster with pen and paper. The drawings were then scanned into the computer. Each student had the opportunity to color the monster drawing that they helped draw. They used Adobe Photoshop to color and add effects to their drawings. Some students chose to have their photo taken in-front of the green screen and then learned how to place their photo next to their monster drawing. At the end of the day, their drawings were then printed and they were able to take the drawings home.

Students working on coloring their monster drawings on the computer.
Students working on coloring their monster drawings on the computer.