The School Year Begins

The students’ first day of school was Thursday, August 8. The first two days of school went great. The students met in Homeroom first to receive their schedules and beginning of the school year paperwork. On Friday, the students had grade level meeting with Mr. Puhl, Mrs. Griffith, and Mr. Pait. The students learned aboutContinue reading “The School Year Begins”

Freshman Orientation

On July 11, 2019, twenty Advanced Technologies Academy freshman spent some time on campus to get oriented with the school. The orientation is led by selected upperclassmen of Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy. The students toured the campus, met a few teachers, and participated in some team building activities. The students also learned about the policiesContinue reading “Freshman Orientation”

Digital Media Summer Camp

Many Caldwell County middle school students participated in the four day Career & Technical Education (CTE) Summer Camp from June 24 to June 27. The students rotated to different subject areas each day. In the Digital Media camp, students worked together to draw a monster with pen and paper. The drawings were then scanned intoContinue reading “Digital Media Summer Camp”